Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Life is smile 
life is tear 
Life is pure love 
not damn fear 

Look up to Sky 
but follow the ground !
like the moon 
 will get noticed 
without any sound 

 Don't you count 
steps of the path
Life is not about 
Solving the math.
It is short 
to running behind 
Even shorter 
to get Re-wind 

 Nothing to worry 
Because God is kind 
Your's best is you 
Keep that in mind.

~ Vandana 

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Rainy Night ..

In a dark foggy  Night ...
the  unaccompanied moon 
lost somewhere
in amidst  of black clouds ..
lonely , sleepless and feared ,

in every single minutes 
some rare levils  startle it 
with howling  noise....

in this dark huge sky ..
wants a corner to hide 
to hide from fear ..
to hide from remorselessness
of nature ,or 
wants to run from it 

dismally sit down nd 
thinking about the stars ,
the restless soul of it 
crying for its world 

suddenly some drops 
touch its  surfece ..
moon  wondering  where 
the drops are coming from 
does moon  know world of stars 
grappling with ruthless night .

the ground ,mountains .and  trees .
who are seeking for  thrust  ... 
are glad and pleased
to have these pearls of their tears 
which making the Rainy night..!! 

- Vandana